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Early treatment of people with venereal disease is absolutely necessary to secure maximum benefits and to prevent the spread of infectious venereal diseases. Our soldiers are routinely educated as to the nature of venereal infection and as to what can be done about it.

As soon as a soldier reports with a venereal disease attempts are made to secure the names of all persons with whom he may have had sexual contact, from whom he may have acquired his infection, and to whom he may have given an infection. The information is kept confidential, but it is absolutely necessary that such information be secured, in order to control the spread of venereal disease.

While the person is under treatment he must abstain from all sex contact and he must, of course, be informed of the great danger to himself and to others of any sex contact while he is infected.

There are nowadays many excellent methods of preventing venereal infection, including, principally, cleanliness. Thorough washing with soap and water is of utmost importance in getting rid of infection of all kinds. The taking of a tablet of penicillin in a dosage of 250,000 units is said to be effective in preventing gonorrhea, and usually does not mask an infection with syphilis. In the armed forces of many nations the use of such tablets is considered routine.


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